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06/28 09:06 AM
06/29 09:56 AM
06/30 10:44 AM
07/01 11:32 AM
07/02 12:18 PM
07/03 01:05 PM
07/04 01:52 PM
07/05 02:42 PM
07/06 03:33 PM
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Dive Alert Signal Device Recall


Dive Alert Recalls Certain DiveAlert & DiveAlert Plus Signaling Devices

This voluntary recall involves DiveAlert & DiveAlert PLUS models DA2, DP2, & DV2 signaling devices. (These models are specifically designed to fit the Aqualung AirSource *includes AirSource3 QD*, Oceanic Air XS, Aeris AirLink, and Mares Air Control alternate  regulator / inflation systems.) These devices fit inline to the BCD alternate regulator / inflation  system, and use the high pressure gas in a scuba cylinder to activate a loud surface horn or an underwater percussion noise. The signaling devices  in question have no stamped writing on the female coupling collar. ONLY model DA2, DP2, & DV2 couplings with no writing stamped on the collar are included in the recall. No other DiveAlerts, or any Aqualung, Oceanic, Aeris, or Mares alternate regulator / inflation system are included in the recall.


For more information go to: www.divealert.com/coupler_recall.html


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