April, 17 2019

Instructor Theresa Gets a certification In PADI Coral Restoration Foundation, Bonaire

We love to travel at Diver’s Market! People would always ask me “What is your favorite place that you have been diving?” My standard answer was “I’m still looking!” Then, I found Bonaire. Absolutely it’s the first place I recommend. It’s not just the physical beauty of that warm turquoise water and tropical reefs with bountiful posing fish for that perfect underwater shot. It’s the ease and freedom to dive as much as you want to pack into a seven day trip. For me, I come to dive! Picture this, full tanks waiting for you to grab and go morning, noon, or night. Giant stride entry off the dock and a stunning coral reef just kicks away.


On my trip this year I chose to give back to this island and ecosystem by taking a PADI Coral Restoration Diver Specialty Course. I find the best way to be a great instructor is to never stop being a student yourself. We have been hearing so much about the damage done to our coral reefs and at such an alarming rate. Did you know that Coral Reefs make up just 1% of the ocean floor, but are home to 25% of all marine life? We learned so much about what it takes to keep our coral reefs healthy. We worked on 2 species of coral that are both on the Endangered Species List. Elkhorn and Staghorn Coral. We learned about factors contributing to coral decline including; global warming, disease, predators, physical damage due to storms and sunscreen not specifically tested to be reef safe. Yes, sunscreen! We learned how to grow baby coral in a nursery, then transplant it to a natural site. My buoyancy skills got a workout and it was challenging, but gave me great satisfaction in giving back to the marine environment as divers that we love so much! For more info see Buddy Dive Bonaire and the “CRF Project” Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire.


Stay tuned for the next Diver’s Market trip!



Theresa Gormley Instructor