February, 10 2021

Belize Dive Haven’s Founder Celebrates 88th Birthday Underwater Happy Birthday from all of us!

Belize Dive Haven’s Founder Celebrates 88th Birthday Underwater

Belize Dive Haven is excited to wish our founder Sir Karim Hakimi a very happy 88th birthday! As part of his birthday celebration, Sir Hakimi decided to go scuba diving while visiting the resort, and had an absolute blast exploring the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea along with our dive instructors!

This isn’t his first experience with diving though! As a young man, Hakimi was enlisted in the Iranian Navy where he developed his love of the ocean and advanced his skills over the years as a salvage diver. Although he would go on to found one of Canada’s longest-lasting and successful eyeglass businesses, his love for scuba is something that has remained a constant in his life.

This passion for scuba has taken him to many diving sites around the world, but it was on a boat trip to Belize’s beautiful Turneffe Atoll that led him to begin his quest to develop and open a resort where divers from across the globe could visit and experience the same majestic beauty of the Belize Barrier Reef as he did.

And thus Belize Dive Haven was born!

Once again, Happy Birthday Sir Hakimi, and here’s to many more diving adventures for years to come!