May, 03 2022

Earth Day Beach Cleanup at Morton Park!


 Chuck Zarba, Joe McAndrews, Ken Hayes, Bill Burchill, Bill Walker, Alex Wieck, John Blackadar, Theresa Czerepica, and I converged on Little Pond at Plymouth’s Morton Park around 9 AM to set up the club tent, tables, chairs and signage In preparation for the beach cleanup and dive we had organized in conjunction with Wayne Gomer’s Diver’s Market, Inc., store. Wayne runs this event twice a year as a thank you to the town of Plymouth, its Parks and Recreation Department, and local residents for allowing him to use the pond as a diver training facility.

   When we arrived, recently shop-certified divers Devon Turner and Walter Minor were already on hand anticipating the dive, as were shop participants  Peter Renaud and Divemasters Seamus Hastings and Josh Souza. Jack Ahern, well known local diver, made an appearance, as did Neptunes Club VP, Adrienne Murphy, who joined those getting wet, Prospective new member Michael Coyne, suited up, too. Wayne arrived around 11 bearing raffle prizes and  began to hobnob and enjoy the scene.

   After Theresa and Blackie signed in all the divers and had them complete Earth Day Event  forms, the dive clean up began. The most unusual items found were the top half of a broken glass jug and a very waterlogged old board. Other items, such as trash in the form of empty drink cans, take-out plastic containers, styrofoam cups, old fishing lures, and golf balls were recovered, as well.

   Walter’s wife, Sherer, and their 10 year old son set up an unexpected impromptu barbecue and feted us with hot dogs, burgers , pasta salad,  cookies, etc. A huge thank you to Sherer and Walter!

   As the feast subsided, Blackie raffled off the dive items donated by Wayne, plus Dunkin’ Donuts gift certificates, as well as gift certificates for ice cream at Mark Zipeto’s Kilwins Chocolates and Ice Cream shop in Plymouth, located at the harbor rotary.

   Suffice to say, if you missed this club event, you missed a great opportunity to meet new divers, kibbutz with local divers and club members, be regaled by ‘Fingers’ and his nonstop story telling, as he gleefully raced around the park with his trash snatcher and bucket, enjoy a relaxing tune up dive in 52° water with 10’-15’ vis, and a delightful Sunday just diving into it in the park and pond with a lot of great people. Hope to see you at the next one!