August, 30 2023

Diving Internships available at the New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium is currently recruiting for diving internships for the Giant Ocean Tank and Dive Operations this fall.


Giant Ocean Tank Intern -  Giant Ocean Tank Interns work within our Giant Ocean Tank, a 200,000 gallon tank that is home to over 1,000 individual animals. Interns assist in basic husbandry for species such as bonnethead sharks, green eels, Myrtle the Green Sea Turtle, and more. This position requires a SCUBA Certification, 25 logged dives, and at least 5 logged dives within the last 12-months.  Click to learn more about dive requirements for this internship, as well as more information on duties and responsibilities!


Dive Operations Internship - NEAq’s Dive Ops Internship is an educational opportunity for an individual to work alongside the Dive operations team who aspires to become a dive professional through an aquarium, university, or research vessel.. Interns are responsible for assisting in all aspects of dive operations through hands-on training above and below the water.


If you or anyone else you know who might be interested, please don't hesitate to share this article with them. It is an amazing opportunity!


Other diving internships will be available soon for the Winter and upcoming Spring. Check them out on the New England Aquarium internship website: